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Specials 08: My Animerica Special and My Gundam Wing Comics Collection May 23, 2012

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Hello everyone! Sharing to you guys my very old collection of Gundam Wing comics and a magazine. I did get those side stories too but not sure if I got them all. Really great stories, but I’m not telling it here. Here are the pictures:

Animerica Special: The World of Mobile Suit Gundam

Good insights on the different gundam series. From MS Gundam to Turn A Gundam. This is a 2001 issue i think so contents only reached upto Turn A.

Gundam Wing Series:

The story told here is the TV series, only it’s a lot shorter. I guess only the relevant events are shown here. Got this way back 2000-2001.

Gundam Wing Episode Zero:

 The story here is a prequel of hat happened befor the main series, and showing the main character’s lives before and how they came to be gundam pilots.

Gundam Wing Enless Waltz and Gundam Wing Blind Target:

I did not complete the Endless Walts series. Only got 3/5 because the shop I was getting them closed and the next nearest place to get them was like 5-6 hours travel away.

As for the blind target, I’d say it’s my favorite side story. Great plot — story took place between the TV series and Endless Waltz, and really awesome art.

Gundam Wing Battlefield of Pacifist and Gundam Wing Ground Zero: 

More side stories here, but I really can’t recall what they are about. Just now realizing, I want to get back on reading these.

Well, that’s all the comic collection I have, I do recommend you guys to read it especially those who are big Gundam Wing fan just like I am. Thanks for reading. Comments or clarifications or even corrections are welcome as I have read this way back 2000-2001 so I might be wrong now and giving wrong information.

1/100 MG Sinanju Mono-eye MOD May 16, 2012

Posted by larsmm3 in How-To.

Hello everyone! I did notice a lot of viewers here are searching for Sinanju. Well Let me share to you guys a mod I did for the mono-eye. And again thanks to Pabling19 for illustrating and proving this possible.

3V LED (I used green) – 1pc
1.5V Button batteries – 2pcs
Electric Pins
Tape (I used masking tape)
Rubber band
Lighter and Sand paper (to remove coating of earphone wire)

This part will be cut (Before and After)

Placed the LED. I’m so glad that  the LED size I got was perfect. Not too big, not too small.

Assemble the head with the LED. Attach some wires at the ends of the LED. Tested it.

Make some holes on these parts where the wire will pass:

Assembled these with the wires passing through the holes and coming out here:

Then for the battery. Put together 2 button battery, put the pins in place, tape together to hold, tie with rubber band to press together connections, connect wires, and place inside the cockpit:

I did use the cockpit because it’s the place where the batteries I have will fit. You may also place it at the fuel tanks, and just figure out where the wires will pass.

Then assemble the parts, connect the wires, find out the best places where the wires will pass and connect the switch:

I brought out the wires for the switch at the back where the back pack is connected.

Then, we’re done!

Here’s a look of the whole thing with the LED Mod:

Well, still at the inner frames part. Outer armor and others are still under work-in-progress.

I hope you learned something, and those who have this kit may apply this mod to theirs.

Thanks and see you when I finish the whole thing.

WIP – 1/100 HG Altron Gundam (ON HOLD) September 23, 2011

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Hello everyone! Once again another WIP. By the way, I’m really not doing a full body paint with my kits. Just cleaning them up, panel lines, a few pain and that’s it. I do have some projects painting the entire kit but it takes me too long to finish. And the weather here is really on the rainy side, bad for spray painting. So for the mean time, just cleaning and detailing the old ones I have. Back to Altron, I think I bought this year 2000. So it’s more than 10 years with me.

I forgot to take some pictures before I got to work on it. I was so dusty, like the dust really sticked to the plastic. So I disassembled everything and washed it with soap and water.

What I’m doing:

  • totally disassembled and washed with soap and water, dried with dry cloth
  • Snapbuilt only
  • Painted the necessary grey (german grey)
  • Painted the necessary gold because the stickers that came with the kit really didn’t work (gold leaf)
  • Painted some necessary white (tamiya flat white)
  • a lot of panel lines, I mean A LOT! (gundam marker GM01)

 Here is what my desk looked like working on this:

Panel lining the head – left is raw, right is thinned out

Here’s the head panel lined. Yes, I did use the stickers:

Showing more panel lines on the binders: 

And let me show you the legs… that’s a LOT of panel lines!!!

Seamlines – really didn’t work on them. let’s just say I still don’t have the skills.

Here are the parts I painted grey (german grey):

Partially assembled:

WIP Update: 9/18/2011

Removed the gold stickers on the dragon fangs:

The fangs of the dragons were molded in white and they throw in gold stickers to wrap around. Wish they just made the fangs in gold. Picture above shows the fangs and removed stickers. They were comming off, maybe bacause of age. I built this in the year 2000 like 11 years ago.

Painted the fangs (tamiya clear yellow over tamiya chrome silver):

Hand painted by the way. I do not have an airbrush.

To be continued. Hoping to finish this soon. Thanks for viewing.

Specials 07: My First Ever Action Base August 21, 2011

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Hello everyone! Another Specials. My first ever action base! ACTION BASE 2 to be exact. Just browsed the net and found someone selling these action bases, a quitting sale so it’s selling for lower cost. Bought two for the price of one.



Assembling. Then after, tried it out on my worked on 1/144 Tallgeese II.

My Personal comments:

Really Nice Action Base. Great articulations which allows really a wide range of action poses for your kits. As it states that this is designed fo 1/144 scales, I think this will be nice for SD’s too. As many MG kits now have really large and heavy weapons, this action base 2 will be good for those to create great action poses. 

Thanks for reading, until nexti time…

Enjoy the hobby. ^_^

1/100 MG G Gundam July 11, 2011

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Hello everyone! After weeks of silence, I’m back and with another review. Now a Master Grade! This is actually my second MG. My first one is still in a Work-in-Progress state. Got this July 13, 2011 from ColdFire off facebook. Great deal. I just snap built this, a few paint and some panel lines… and here we go…

Box and Manual Pics (click for a larger view):


Assembling from inner frame to outside armor:

This came with four amazing pair on hands… but I think MG’s should have hands with mechanical movements… oh well… still amazing! And oh yeah, this came with a special optional feature of having transparent parts showing some inside parts. Since they were “special”, I did use them.

Front and Back Views:

Close up:

And yeah, the Core Lander:


WOW! My first time to have something that does a perfect kneel.

Oooohhh… Transparent…

Another WOW! My first time to have something that can stand with one feet!

WOOOW! He can do a kicking pose standing with one leg! I love this kit!

Beam Saber:


Really amazing orange hands… LOL… Kinda lazy to do more poses!

For stickers, I used the black ones on the foot guard, on the front skirts, and on the shoulders; used the triangle sticker on the knees, the eyes, the forehead cams, and of course the gem sticker with the king of hearts crest inside the chest. This kit also came with dry runners but I’m kinda not in to those… looks vandalized! LOL…

And that’s it… thanks for viewing… hope you enjoyed… until my next review!