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Specials 08: My Animerica Special and My Gundam Wing Comics Collection May 23, 2012

Posted by larsmm3 in Home.

Hello everyone! Sharing to you guys my very old collection of Gundam Wing comics and a magazine. I did get those side stories too but not sure if I got them all. Really great stories, but I’m not telling it here. Here are the pictures:

Animerica Special: The World of Mobile Suit Gundam

Good insights on the different gundam series. From MS Gundam to Turn A Gundam. This is a 2001 issue i think so contents only reached upto Turn A.

Gundam Wing Series:

The story told here is the TV series, only it’s a lot shorter. I guess only the relevant events are shown here. Got this way back 2000-2001.

Gundam Wing Episode Zero:

 The story here is a prequel of hat happened befor the main series, and showing the main character’s lives before and how they came to be gundam pilots.

Gundam Wing Enless Waltz and Gundam Wing Blind Target:

I did not complete the Endless Walts series. Only got 3/5 because the shop I was getting them closed and the next nearest place to get them was like 5-6 hours travel away.

As for the blind target, I’d say it’s my favorite side story. Great plot — story took place between the TV series and Endless Waltz, and really awesome art.

Gundam Wing Battlefield of Pacifist and Gundam Wing Ground Zero: 

More side stories here, but I really can’t recall what they are about. Just now realizing, I want to get back on reading these.

Well, that’s all the comic collection I have, I do recommend you guys to read it especially those who are big Gundam Wing fan just like I am. Thanks for reading. Comments or clarifications or even corrections are welcome as I have read this way back 2000-2001 so I might be wrong now and giving wrong information.



1. Katy Torres - January 11, 2013

Hi! I found so amazing your Gundam Wing Collection! I was thinking to buy one of those and i want to know which of these editions it’s the anime story. And inside it’s in manga format (black and white) or fotograms of the anime series (color)?

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